Christian Schroeder de Witt Europe 2022

Dr. Christian Schroeder de Witt is an artificial intelligence researcher specialising in fundamental research on multi-agent control in high-dimensional settings. He has authored a variety of highly influential research works, and is pioneering numerous real-world applications of deep multi-agent reinforcement learning, ranging from steganography to climate-economics models and solar geoengineering. As part of various industry collaborations, Christian has previously worked on A.I for autonomous drone control, as well as automated cybersecurity defence systems. Christian currently holds a postdoctoral researcher role at the University of Oxford, UK.

Born and raised in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Christian holds a DPhil (Ph.D.) and two distinguished master’s degrees from the University of Oxford, ranging from theoretical physics, to computer science, and artificial intelligence. Aside from academia, Christian has experience working in diverse industries, including with Google AI, Man AHL, and as Head of Engineering of a Berlin eCommerce company.

In 2020, Christian was named “30 under 30” youth politician of a UK political party with House of Commons representation. Christian’s political work on climate policy is informed by a long-term research assistantship with Prof. Myles Allen (Coordinating Lead Author of IPCC SR1.5) at Oxford Net Zero, where he has been focusing on decarbonising small and medium-sized companies.