Carolin Kroeger Europe 2023

Carolin Kroeger is a published doctoral researcher at the University of Oxford, where she studies as a Rhodes Scholar. Her work focuses on the social inequalities of extreme heat and explores how heat impacts human health, who is most affected, and what strategies can help address social vulnerabilities to heat. Carolin holds degrees in Economics and Development Studies from the University of Mannheim and Oxford. She was a scholar of the German Academic Exchange Service and the German Academic Merit Foundation, where she served as one of the ambassadors for its equal opportunities program.

Outside of academia, Carolin has worked for Dalberg, the Boston Consulting Group, and several social initiatives on topics ranging from addressing urban health inequalities, detecting methane leaks with satellite images, and finding entrepreneurial solutions to drinking water purification.

In her spare time, Carolin enjoys being a yoga practitioner and dance instructor, and recently placed in a national dance competition with her team.