Vuk Velebit Europe 2022

Vuk Velebit holds MA degree in International Security from the University of Belgrade. His MA thesis submitted and defended at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade, devoted to the issue of how pro-Russian narratives are created/appear in Serbian media, gained most notable attention in the country and abroad. Through his work in this field he has been identified as someone with marked expertise on the question of the relations between Serbia, Russia and the West. He is an independent author for few prominent media outlets in Serbia and the region. Beside his experience in public advocacy, Vuk gained experience in market research industry as well where he worked as business development manager for one of the fastest growing behavioral market research agencies. In 2017 Vuk was one of the leaders of the student protests against democratic regression in Serbia. Over the past several years he has been a prominent actor in civil society. He has boldly and with a clear voice stood up in support of democracy, the rule of law and human rights. Vuk has consistently advocated for further and deeper processes of democratization, institution building and continued and more robust EU integration dynamics and the need for transatlantic ties. Among other focal areas he has worked on issues related to youth and its future in Western Balkans region. He has a broad network of relations and contacts domestically, regionally, and internationally. Furthermore, during the past couple of years he has been an integral part of an important initiative ‘New Generations for Western Balkans’ established by the International Institute for Peace from Vienna led by Hannes Swoboda. Vuk has in the past also had to honor to be invited and meet in person with advisors of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron. He is a strong advocate of Euroatlanticism. He is of a generation that clearly sees the future of his own country and the region in the transatlantic arena, with societies based on the fundamental values of a democratic political culture and the rule of law.