Temitope Ajileye Africa 2023

Temitope Ajileye is an AI research scientist at Exscientia, a drug discovery company that leverages AI to speed to end-to-end drug development.

A graduate in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Oxford, Temitope is motivated by innovation and the thrill of conceptual discovery. His doctoral research developed algorithms for automated reasoning in distributed knowledge bases, aa stepping stone towards the semantic web. During and following the PhD, Temitope developed an interest in the intersections of technology and ethics, data democratisation and reliability, and their innate opportunities and dangers for society.

Temitope Ajileye was born in Ondo-State, Nigeria. He moved to Italy at a young age with his family, where he stayed until the completion of his first degree, and later to the United Kingdom. Meeting other African students at oxford University has deepened his commitment to Nigeria and instilled within him a broad Pan-African perspective.