Shruti Gogia Asia 2022

Shruti Gogia is an education enthusiast with experience in the field of inclusive education and EdTech. With an educational background in Psychology and Public Policy, Shruti has worked across the aspects of education delivery, education policy and evaluation of EdTech programs. She began her professional journey as a special educator and worked with a premium institution in India, the first-of-its-kind, to partner with the New England Center for Children, Massachusetts, and provide intensive 1:1 therapy for children with autism. Despite the highly impactful intervention, she was deeply concerned with the issue of equity and scale of education programs. She worked with the UNICEF Cambodia office for a short stint to support the creation of a global tool to capture information on challenges that parents of students with disabilities face towards educating them. In line with the objective of equity and scale of education programs, she is currently working in the domain of EdTech. During her stint with a philanthropy in India, called Central Square Foundation, that partners with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, she worked with the state and central government of India to enable the design and implementation of scalable EdTech programs. In a very recent move, Shruti joined one of the biggest EdTech players in the Indian market and is working within the content team in a research role to promote the development of research backed and pedagogically sound products. Shruti holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from University of Delhi, India and a Masters degree in Public Policy from Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore.