Sara Omar Middle East & North Africa 2024

Sara Omar is a pioneering award-winning Kurdish-Danish author. She is currently writing her third book of a series, which will follow her breakout bestselling 2017 novel Dødevaskeren (Dead Washer) and 2019 bestselling novel Skyggedanseren (Shadow Danser). She is also participating in a documentary series with the Nordic Broadcasting TV Stations about her life as the first internationally recognized female Kurdish author, her work on women’s rights, and the price that women pay to speak up for their rights in a conservative society. Sara Omar fled her home during the Iraqi Kurdish Civil War in the late 1990s and after several years living as a refugee, was eventually settled in Denmark in 2001, where she currently lives. In the years prior to her novel debut, Sara Omar wrote poems and critical essays under a male pseudonym. Sara Omar is the founder and chair of the newly formed charity organization “The Sara Omar Foundation,” that wants to aid and empower suppressed and silenced voices.