Priyanka Bhide Mandrekar Asia 2023

Priyanka Bhide Mandrekar is the Co-founder and Director of Kubernein Initiative – an independent, female led, geopolitical advisory firm based in Mumbai (India), working to mainstream issues that need greater intellectual capacity and focus. Since 2019 she has co-led Kubernein Initiative’s flagship program on gender and foreign policy.

Priyanka comes from a strategy and communications background, with over a decade experience working with the private and non-profit sectors. She began her career as a consultant with the United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service in New York and has worked with Suzlon Energy, Strategic Foresight Group, Institute for Sustainable Communities and Dalberg Advisors in Asia. Priyanka has worked on a wide range of issues which include sustainable development, inclusive growth, future forecasting, water, diplomacy, governance, security, conflict resolution and renewable energy.

Priyanka holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from St. Xavier’s College, University of Mumbai, and a Master’s degree in International Relations from NYU.