Ngoc Tran Asia 2023

Phuong Ngoc Tran is a public official, working as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Foreign Trade University (FTU). Ngoc pursued her LLB in International Trade Law at FTU in Vietnam and furthered her master’s at the KDI School of Public Policy and Management (KDI School) in South Korea. Absorbing knowledge of public policy in international trade at a leading political think tank in Asia, she understood the importance of international trade activities to the development of every nation. In addition, specializing in international trade law, she is also aware of the relationship between this sector of law and sustainability.

At KDI School, Ngoc was the President of the ASEAN Student Forum. She led a core team comprised of Representatives from 9 ASEAN countries whose students were studying at the school. The main purpose of the Forum is to build a strong ASEAN community where all ASEAN members can freely discuss, and debate economic, political, and social issues. At the same time, she completed her master’s degree with excellent academic performance.

Outside of FTU, Ngoc works as a consultant in trade remedies investigations. She assists the Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam and represents Vietnamese companies in investigations initiated by other countries. She also provides the Authority of Vietnam with consultancy and represents domestic industries in initiating and executing investigations on imports.

Prior to the International Strategy Forum, Ngoc participated in the Winter School in Sustainable Development in Vietnam. She learned about the problems of policies in Vietnam from leading experts in each sector. Moreover, discussed, and worked with other fellows to find reasonable solutions to tackle the hard problems faced by Vietnam for sustainable development.