Natia Seskuria Europe 2022

Natia Seskuria is a Founder and Executive Director of the Regional Institute for Security Studies (RISS), a Tbilisi-based think tank and an official partner of Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), she is also an Associate Fellow RUSI. Natia holds an advisory position at Chatham House and is a lecturer in Russian politics. In June 2022, Natia became a Schmidt Futures European Fellow.

She has a broad experience in policy-making, strategic foresight and provides analysis on defence and security issues. In the past, she served at the Office of the National Security Council of Georgia and Ministry of Defence of Georgia.

Natia’s research focuses on Russia’s domestic and foreign policy, in particular Russia’s relations with its neighbours and the West. She is a regular commentator on France 24, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and other leading media outlets.

Natia is also a Black Sea Fellow at the Middle East Institute. Prior to her current roles, she worked for the Foreign Editor of The Sunday Times of London, and in the International Security Studies Department at RUSI.

Natia holds an MA in Politics, Security and Integration and a BA (Hons) in Politics and East European Studies from University College London (UCL).