Martin Freimüller Africa 2024

Martin Freimüller is the Founder & CEO of Octavia Carbon, a Kenya-based Direct Air [Carbon] Capture (DAC) company. Originally from Austria, where he grew up as the son of a train driver and a nurse, Martin got the opportunity to spend two years on the African continent in his youth, instilling a strong sense of Africa’s economic potential. After studying at Cambridge University, he joined the global development strategy consultancy Dalberg. There he first conceived of carbon removal as a potential livelihoods driver on the African continent, and worked for 2.5 years on the idea as Dalberg’s global content expert for carbon removal and carbon markets. Over time he narrowed down on DAC as a defining 21st century technology, and realised that Kenya’s energy, geology & talent make it the world’s best place for DAC. He promptly moved his life to Kenya and started Octavia Carbon shortly afterwards. 18 months later, Octavia has grown to a company of 50 – the world’s 4th largest DAC company & the first in the Global South – where Martin oversees strategy and sales as the company’s CEO.