Marcus Alburez Myers The Americas 2024

Marcus Alburez Myers is the founder of Odisea Labs. Odisea Labs is a venture and design studio specializing in the development, expansion, and adoption of innovative technologies and cultural movements in frontier markets, all with the goal of fostering a more prosperous future for all. Odisea has worked throughout Latin America, Europe, and Asia with to: provide access to equitable housing, last-mile healthcare delivery, educational guidelines for socially responsible institutional investing, developing global innovation hubs focus on social and environmental regeneration, developing the largest art project for charity, expanding access to peer-to-peer financial networks, and curating the largest gathering of Solarpunks, among other projects. Previously, Marcus has: worked at the fastest-growing clean energy fintech firm in the US, he was a consultant with the Ford Foundation, focusing on delivering impact frameworks for grantees, and was a researcher at the University of Oxford’s Centre for Enterprise and the Environment. He is a Fellow at the Ethereum Foundation, a Fellow with the US State Department’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative, and a Skoll Impact Fellow. He holds a degree in Environmental Governance from the University of Oxford. Marcus is happiest when spending time with family and friend in the great outdoors.