Magali Van Coppenolle Europe 2022

Magali Van Coppenolle currently works as a senior policy advisor at the Bank of England, leading the Bank’s new EU strategy and engagement team after having worked in the Bank’s Hub for the UK’s 2021 Presidency of the G7, as the climate lead. Earlier on in her career, she worked in Somalia for a few years, advising teams in the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Somalia.

Magali has a background in economic policy, with a focus on public financial management and central banking. She studied economics at Maastricht University, then public policy first in Berlin (Hertie School of Governance) then London (LSE).

Magali is also the President of the Friday Group, a think tank of young Belgians from diverse backgrounds that have in common their interest for public policy.

Generally, Magali is passionate about rules and systems! How rules and systems contribute to societies, and how humans interacts with them. She has a strong interest for anarchist theory, and for the principles of decentralisation and collaboration. She is also keenly interested in how corruption comes to be, how it impacts societies, and more specifically our democratic systems.