Linh Dao Asia 2023

Đào Mai Linh was a student at Vietnam Women’s Academy from 2015 to 2021. Linh achieved two bachelor’s degrees in Law (2019) and Multimedia Communication (2021). Mai Linh is currently an Assistant of Law Faculty of Vietnam Women’s Academy since 2020. Besides, she has been working as a collaborator for Vietnam News Agency since 2020. Moreover, Mai Linh is in her process of becoming a Master of Economic Law at Hanoi Law University.

Ms. Dao Mai Linh always seeks out courses for challenges and she does her work industriously. Ms. Mai Linh has an amazing capacity for fulfilling her responsibilities and working under pressure. Both of her bachelor’s degrees are excellent. Intellectually, Ms. Dao Mai Linh is the valedictorian of the 2015-2019 school year of the Vietnam Women’s Academy. With her long list of academic honors – achievements and extra-curricular activities, she has been honored as one of the excellent students graduating from universities and academies in Hanoi.

In working, she is disciplined in her work, her analytical skills are developed. As the class monitor, director of Vietnam Women’s Academy English Club…, Ms. Mai Linh showed the spirit of collective work, leadership and creativity. She participates in research on social issues such as policies and laws on gender equality and labor, anti-trafficking laws, Gender stereotypes in sports news in online newspapers, Proposals to perfect the labor law in accordance with the new-generation free trade agreements.