Kyle Parks Europe 2023

Kyle Parks is British Diplomat from Northern Ireland. He is currently on a sabbatical studying at Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government where he is the Lord Browne Scholar in Public Service.

Prior to this he was Head of Africa Strategy at the Foreign Office in London and in 2021 worked in the British Embassy in Mogadishu, Somalia on elections and human rights. Kyle previously worked on UN and EU cyber diplomacy, Falkland Islands policy and Brexit – alongside volunteering on several international crises.

Outside of work Kyle is an advisor at Chatham House and served as a Board Member of several charitable organisations, covering youth policy, citizen participation and open government. Most recently he was Deputy Chair of the Board of the British Youth Council and a judge for the Business Charity Awards.

Kyle is interested in leadership, civil society and social mobility. His previous work experience includes a hedge fund in New York, a social enterprise in Belfast, and in public affairs in Washington D.C. Kyle gained his undergraduate from Queen’s University Belfast and is an alum of the Washington Ireland Program.