Kazumi Hoshino-Macdonald North America 2023

Kazumi Hoshino-Macdonald is currently a JD Candidate and research fellow at Stanford Law School, focusing on international law, law and development, and U.S. national security law. Previous to the law, Kazumi worked in political risk and open-source intelligence gathering. Most recently, they served as a Senior Associate at Westexec Advisors under Michele Flournoy working on geopolitical projects focusing on the Indo-Pacific, emerging technologies, and political violence. Previous to Westexec, Kazumi worked as a research and policy assistant to Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter, and as an Investment Associate in Bridgewater’s Disruption Lab, also focusing on geopolitical risk.

In the academy, Kazumi read for an MPhil in International Relations at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. They have published works on foreign policy and international politics in the American Journal of International Law (forthcoming), as well as from Havard Belfer, Harvard Safra, the International Studies Association, and McGill University.