Jun Kamei Asia 2023

Jun Kamei is the founder and CEO of AMPHICO, an award winning material innovation company based in London. He is the inventor of AMPHIGILL, a novel type of artificial gill technology designed to reduce dramatically the size of air tanks in diving devices by directly capturing oxygen from water. One of his other invention AMPHITEX is a revolutionary sustainable high-performance waterproof textile technology, which does no rely on PFAS chemistry. PFAS is a problematic forever chemical currently used widely in the outdoor apparel sector.

Before founding AMPHICO, Jun worked as a researcher at the DLX Design Lab in Japan, a collaboration between the Royal College of Art and the Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo. In this role, Jun led multiple science and design projects, including OMNI, a low-cost and open-source platform for gathering and analysing critical oceanographic data.

He is a visiting Scientist at the Tohoku University and a visiting design tutor at the DLX Design Academy in Japan. Jun holds an MA in Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art, MSc from Imperial College London and BEng/MEng from Tohoku University in Japan. When not at work, Jun enjoys going swimming, diving or cycling.