Hanae Bezad Africa 2023

Hanae Bezad is an impact tech entrepreneur and certified international project manager with 8 years of overall professional experience, including 5 years in social impact stewardship at a multi-award non-profit and 2 years of operational stewardship at a high growth tech startup. She developed a fluency across borders and sectors with an understanding of how different sectors (governments and international development institutions, civil society, business, and finance) impact systems-change, both locally and globally. Her areas of interest and expertise are at the intersection of technology, sustainability, inclusion, entrepreneurship and international development.

Hanae is the founder of Douar Tech, an inclusive tech hub that helps build the resilience of vulnerable youth, especially women, from precarious backgrounds in rural and peri-urban areas, empowering them with digital skills.

She recently helped define the strategy of the pan-African organization Smart Africa for Startups and Innovation Ecosystems on the continent, to support member countries to create favorable conditions for startups.

Previously, Hanae was also the executive director of Le Wagon coding school in Morocco, bringing the innovative bootcamp to its first African market.

Before launching Le Wagon in Morocco and founding Douar Tech, Hanae worked as a digital strategy consultant at Eleven in Paris. She was also a member of the board of directors of Led By HER, a social incubator that supports women entrepreneurs who are victims of violence.

Hanae is a public speaker, and participated at a dozen international conferences as a keynote speaker, panelist or moderator (Demo Africa Oct 2018, House of Beautiful Business Oct 2019, AU-EU Meetup Jul 2020, AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub Jul 2020, Make-IT Africa Sept 2020, AEDIHB Congress Oct 2020, EBN Congress Nov 2020, Emerging Valley May 2021, IEEE Sept 2021, MTL Connecte Oct 2021, etc.)

Hanae is a fellow of the Harambeans African entrepreneurs Alliance, a fellow of the Responsible Leadership Network of the BMW Foundation and a fellow of the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders and Ambassador for Africa and resident of the House of Beautiful Business.

Hanae holds a Bachelor of Science and Social Sciences from SciencesPo Paris, a Bachelor of Science and Technology from Pierre and Marie Curie University, a Bachelor of Law from Panthéon Paris Sorbonne, a Master in Management from HEC Paris and a Master in Public Administration from SciencesPo Paris. She was the recipient of a 5-year Scholarship for Excellence granted by the French Government.