Brian Clarke The Americas 2024

Over the last decade, Brian Clarke has worked at the intersection of trust and safety, technology policy, and social media. His journey in this space began at Dataminr, an AI-driven event detection platform where he served as the head of Global Content Operations and helped finetune processes that powered the human-in-the-loop system. After driving programs and initiatives across multiple locations across the globe at Dataminr, Brian joined Twitter as the Global Head of Misinformation policy. In this role, he oversaw the development, implementation and enforcement of Twitter’s Misinformation policies. As part of Twitter’s Trust and Safety team, Brian worked on a wide range of online safety and integrity issues including Coordinated Harmful Activity, Platform Manipulation and Identity. Brian also served as Director of Fraud, Abuse, Payments and Policy for the Walmart+ platform in 2023.

Today, Brian is Policy Design Manager for Integrity and Authenticity at Anthropic, an AI Safety and Research company. Brian earned a Political Science degree in 2011 from The University of Chicago and is also a founding member of the Junior Leadership Board for the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) and SEO Scholars Program alum.