Bartu Kaleagasi Europe 2022

Bartu Kaleagasi is a founding Director at the Center for Space Governance – a research institute dedicated to exploring current, emerging, and future issues in space policy. He is from Brussels with origins in Istanbul, and he currently lives in New York. Bartu studies International Affairs at Columbia University, where he has been awarded a full scholarship to conduct research on the future of space and AI governance. He is currently working with the U.S. State Department to design a policy framework for the development of commercial space stations. Bartu is also a guest lecturer at Oxford University, where he engages in research and teaching on the space economy. Previously, he has worked in innovation analysis at the European Space Agency (ESA) and venture capital at Seraphim Space, as well as co-founded the AIBE Summit on Artificial Intelligence in Business and Ethics. Bartu has a Law degree from University College London, was a visiting student at the London School of Economics, and holds a Master’s in Technology Management. His main research interests include great power competition, sustainable development, commercial space policy, and AI governance. He recently published one of the world’s first papers on space and artificial intelligence together with researchers at Cambridge University.