Arjun Bisen Asia 2024

Arjun Bisen is the CEO of Overwatch Data, an AI company that helps organizations gain insights from the open, social, and dark web for risky events, threats, and narratives. His expertise is in contextualizing OSINT events for easier actionability at scale. Prior to founding Overwatch through Y Combinator, Arjun led a policy and risk team at Stripe and was a senior product policy advisor for Google Search. At Google, he led policy efforts on information quality, user safety, and countering disinformation, particularly around significant events such as elections and COVID19. He has published on elections integrity, digital currencies, and the startup ecosystem. Prior to Google, he was a Fulbright scholar at Harvard Kennedy School. He served as an Australian diplomat for eight years, drafting Australia’s cyber strategy, focusing on geopolitics across the Indo-Pacific, negotiating trade agreements, and leading large UN aid programs on elections integrity, disability rights, and landmine clearance.