Anders Storgaard Europe 2022

Anders Storgaard is a member of the Frederiksberg City Council, former chairman of Young Conservatives Denmark and co-founder of the Danish China-critical Society and works in media.

Anders became a member of the Conservative Peoples Party at the age of only 11-years and have been actively engaging topics such as climate change and security both in domestic debates and in internal party think-tanks where have helped draft policy recommendations for the party. In 2020 Anders helped Ted Hui, a Hong-Kong legislator and democracy activist, escape China after facing trial for his involvement in the democracy movement of Hong Kong.

In the city council Anders Storgaard is the vice-chairman on the Committee on Climate, urban planning and housing as well as the speaker for his party on environment, mobility and urban nature.

Besides his political activities Anders is a student of Political Science with a special focus on international relations at Copenhagen University and a radiohost at the danish radio “24syv” where he each week discusses recent political topics with experts and politicians. Anders have also worked as a student assistant of the typically left-leaning union of Danish Metalworkers Union.